Color space plots 

Posted on (updated )

I created four more images for Wikipedia having to do with color spaces. They show the sRGB color space plotted within the bounds of the CIELAB and CIELUV color spaces. Both the rectangular and cylindrical models are depicted.


Keyboard Hotkey Maps 

Posted on (updated )

Over the past several weeks I have been overhauling my Video Game Hotkey Maps tool. I made several changes to the underlying database structure, as well as to the styles and error detection. I also went ahead and created new PHP scripts that generate SVG versions of the maps. This makes it possible to upload maps to MediaWiki wikis, which is a major goal I set out to accomplish when I first created the PHP edition of the tool. I had created a MediaWiki template to accomplish the same thing, but the SVG images are a lot more convenient. I hope a lot of people get good use out of these scripts.

Media queries, CloudFlare and Pannellum 

Posted on (updated )

I’ve completed my optimizations for mobile browsers for the time being. I implemented CSS media queries to hide parts of the page when viewed on small screens, and narrowed the page a bit further to make the text more legible. My image galleries were also not wrapping properly on small screens, so I replaced the tables with uniformly sized DIV elements that float to the left. There are still a few pages that need to be reworked, such as my keyboard chart page, but mostly I am satisfied with how things turned out.

One task that required a lot of time and work was moving all my gallery images from PhotoBucket to my web host (and some to Flickr). PhotoBucket is simply a bad experience on mobile devices. In landscape mode the pages are filled with 75% advertisements, with only a tiny rectangle left for my image at the top. So, I copied, reorganized and renamed all my images to my web host, and updated all the URLs pointing to them. I also set up enabled CloudFlare on my account to act as a speed boost in case my images take too long to download.

Next, I switched to a different script for displaying my 360° panoramic renders. Previously, I was using PanoSalado, a Flash based viewer that does not work on all mobile browsers, and switched to Pannellum, a WebGL based viewer that should work on more browsers heading into the future. It performs a lot better and is easier to configure to boot. I am real happy with how this turned out, and am able to show off my Carriage House virtual tour once again using the new script. Note that the scene has hotspots that will take you to different rooms.

Lastly, I re-rendered some of my Lego model images using nicer POV-Ray settings. I performed several trials, and the radiosity settings in particular made the rendering a lengthy process. Here are some examples:


I still want to re-render my orthographic “heads” scene, as well as the panoramic Carriage House tour (the images are a bit washed out looking) in the future.

Brigl model viewer, mobile browsers 

Posted on (updated )

I finally was able to implement an online viewer for my LDraw models. It is an open source JavaScript app called Brigl, and can be seen in action on this page.

I’ve also begun taking steps toward making this site work better on mobile devices. You may notice that the sidebar on the far left of this page disappears when you make the browser window really small. This should happen automatically on mobile devices.

I am still resolving issues with font sizes being too small to be legible, however. Hopefully I will learn what is causing this in the next few days.

HWRM mods 

Posted on (updated )

I updated two of my Homeworld Remastered mods to make them compatible with HWRM’s 2.0 patch.

Homeworld Classic Enhanced 2.2.0
Mikali’s Multiplayer Map Collection 1.24.0

The first mod should work properly in multiplayer now, and the maps in the second mod that are not multiplayer safe are marked as such now.

Lastly, my Video Game Keyboard Control Charts now allow you to switch visual styles without reloading the main HTML form.

GearHead fork 

Posted on (updated )

I created a fork of Joseph Hewitt’s GearHead version 1.100. It features mainly graphical updates, as well as some additional terrain object types. Joseph has decided not to merge these changes into the main trunk in favor of a more comic book-like style, so I am unlikely to make further modifications.

GitHub page
Download game

Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6

In other news… 

Posted on (updated )

In other news, I fixed my GeoGebra applets so they work again in browsers that no longer support Java, such as Google Chrome. View them here.

I’ve put a lot of work lately in my Colony Ship POV-Ray model. The latest version can be viewed at DeviantArt, here.

I’ve also updated several of my illustrations for Wikipedia. The switch from POV-Ray version 3.6 to version 3.7 required changes to how pigments are defined among other things.

Lastly, I updated ToEE d20 Inspector to fix some bugs related to how skill points are calculated and distributed. They should no longer be wildly inaccurate. You can find the program listed here.

Stereoscopic LDraw renders 

Posted on (updated )

I wrote a new tutorial for the LDraw wiki describing how to make stereoscopic views of LDraw models. You can find it here:

Stereoscopic 3D Glasses Tutorial

I also rendered a few of my own stereoscopic images. You can find some of them in my Flickr album.

These images can be viewed using cheap stereoscopes such as this one.

Homeworld Remastered and ToEE Level-Upper 

Posted on (updated )

Over the past few months I ported some of my Homeworld 2 mods over to the new Homeworld Remastered release by GearBox Software. I’ve also been updating my NPC upgrading tool for Temple of Elemental Evil (ToEE). See here for my HWRM mods. See here for the last item.

Homeworld Remastered Collection 

Posted on (updated )

I pre-ordered a copy of Homeworld Remastered Collection on Steam. When it is released in two days I will see about converting my maps and map functions to work with the new game at the very least. If I am enjoying myself, I may update my Homeworld Classic Enhanced and other mods as well. I’m a bit disappointed with GearBox that they didn’t retain more of HW1’s features, such as fuel burn, replays and physics/geometry-based targeting. I was disappointed when HW2 was released, and it looks like I will be again. At least the game didn’t cost much.

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