Homeworld Remastered mods 

I updated two of my Homeworld Remastered mods to make them compatible with HWRM’s 2.0 patch.

Homeworld Classic Enhanced 2.2.0
Mikali’s Multiplayer Map Collection 1.24.0

The first mod should work properly in multiplayer now, and the maps in the second mod that are not multiplayer safe are marked as such now.

Lastly, my Video Game Keyboard Control Charts now allow you to switch visual styles without reloading the main HTML form.

Homeworld Remastered Collection 

I pre-ordered a copy of Homeworld Remastered Collection on Steam. When it is released in two days I will see about converting my maps and map functions to work with the new game at the very least. If I am enjoying myself, I may update my Homeworld Classic Enhanced and other mods as well. I’m a bit disappointed with GearBox that they didn’t retain more of HW1’s features, such as fuel burn, replays and physics/geometry-based targeting. I was disappointed when HW2 was released, and it looks like I will be again. At least the game didn’t cost much.

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