Homeworld Remastered Collection 

I pre-ordered a copy of Homeworld Remastered Collection on Steam. When it is released in two days I will see about converting my maps and map functions to work with the new game at the very least. If I am enjoying myself, I may update my Homeworld Classic Enhanced and other mods as well. I’m a bit disappointed with GearBox that they didn’t retain more of HW1’s features, such as fuel burn, replays and physics/geometry-based targeting. I was disappointed when HW2 was released, and it looks like I will be again. At least the game didn’t cost much.

Restoring old links to tutorials, working on my spinner scene 

I noticed this week that some links to tutorials I had written a long time ago had gone dead, either because the websites they were hosted at went down, or because the websites they were hosted at transitioned to a new content management system or wiki. I fixed these links where I could, and re-wrote them and incorporated them into my website where I couldn’t. See my POV-Ray, Lego, GearHead and Geometry pages.

Today I also started working on a new panoramic scene for GearHead (now abandoned by its creator, judging by the game’s website) based on my previous Spinner Colony scene. Since I bought a new computer I am able to render them much faster in POV-Ray. Here’s a sneak peek:


Here are my latest two renders. I tried to render at a higher quality level, including atmospheric media and a nice area light, but it was simply taking too long. The source code can be found on my GearHead page.

 photo gh_scene_spinner_interior_22_zpsz7ux45lq.png photo gh_scene_spinner_cutaway_20_zpsjfw5duxe.png

(Click for larger views.)

Keyboard shortcut chart progress 

I’ve made a lot of progress with my keyboard shortcut chart database. I upgraded the scripts to work with more recent versions of PHP, and fixed several bugs that I had overlooked. I also added a few dozen new charts for games that I am interested in, and replaced the Submissions page with a link to the Excel sheet I personally use to assemble all the data. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

First post! 

After failing the first time, I decided to give blogging one more try. This is my first experience with WordPress, and I’m pretty happy that I got the design of the theme so close to that of the rest of the site. Maybe this time I won’t wipe everything by accidentally deleting the blog’s database. 😉

The website has undergone other changes as well. I discovered a lot of broken internal links from when the site was hosted under a .com domain instead of .net. My AdSense and other Google accounts were also messed up. Hopefully the search engines will pick up on my site again now that all that is fixed. I went from a peak of over 75k hits per month several years ago to under 10k hits per month when I lost the original domain to a cybersquatter.

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