Welcome to Isometricland.net! My name is Michael Horvath. My personal interests lie in computer graphics, geometry, programming and video games. You can contact me by commenting on my blog or by going to my email page and filling out and submitting the form.

This website is subdivided into several sections based on the different projects I have participated in. I have also created a full sitemap.

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Link Artwork & Design: Various artwork & design projects I've participated in. These range from hand-drawn images and educational illustrations, to fully ray traced 3D scenes.
Link Geometry: A series of geometry explorations created using The Geometer's Sketchpad and GeoGebra.
Link POV-Ray Projects: Virtual scenes, scripts, macros and animations I've created using the freeware ray tracer, POV-Ray.
Link Lego Projects: Digital LEGO models created and rendered using the LDraw family of software tools, as well as the ray tracer POV-Ray.
Link Miscellaneous Games: Modifications, reference materials and editing tools I've created for a variety of video games.
Link Video Game Keyboard Diagrams: True-to-scale video game hotkey diagrams. You can select from one of several different schemas, styles and physical layouts.
Link Homeworld Modifications: Various game modifications, reference materials and editing tools I've created for the real-time strategy video games Homeworld, Homeworld 2 and Homeworld Remastered.
Link GearHead Contributions: Contributions I've made to the roguelike-like video game, GearHead RPG.


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