Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) - Video Game Keyboard Diagrams - PC/AT - US 104 Key (ANSI) - CIELCh Plain (Light) - HTML/SVG - GRID:114

Keyboard Combinations

w then s=continue search.
: then W=describe weather.
: then b=display burden levels.
: then c=display companions.
: then k=display killed monsters.
: then m=display message buffer.
: then w=display monster wound status.
: then g=display name of your deity.
: then d=extended drop.
: then p=extended pay.
: then u=extended use.
: then z=mark spells.
: then ==set variable.
: then s=swap position with monster.
: then t=switch the dynamic display (turns, speed, energy, old, ammunition).
w then 1=walk to the southwest.
w then 2=walk to the south.
w then 3=walk to the southeast.
w then 4=walk to the west.
w then 5=walk on the spot.
w then 6=walk to the east.
w then 7=walk to the northwest.
w then 8=walk to the north.
w then 9=walk to the northeast.