Video Game Hotkey Maps

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This PHP form generates a keyboard control diagram in a new window. You can select from hotkeys and bindings for various video games and other software. If you don't have JavaScript enabled in your browser, then use this alphabetical list instead.


  1. Select a game (key bindings).
  2. Select a keyboard (key positions).
  3. Select a style (visual formatting).
  4. Click on the 'Create Diagram' button. A new window with your selected diagram will appear.
  5. View or print the page in the new window.


To submit a new chart, fill out this excel sheet and email me the contents when you are finished. Note that any content you submit falls under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license, as per the project as a whole.

Source Code & Content License:

Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons License

The source code for this project is licensed under the CC LGPL 2.1. The content is licensed under the CC BY-SA 3.0. Please email me for the project's source code.


I have created a template for MediaWiki that does basically the same thing as the charts on this site. You can find the template as well as instructions on StrategyWiki and Wikia, here and here. And, you can generate the MediaWiki code for each game using this printout. Just remember to change the number after "&gam=" portion of the page URL to the correct game ID.

I have also created SVG versions of the charts. You can view them by simply changing the "&svg=" part of the page URL to equal 1 instead of 0. I have not migrated to using SVG images completely, because they are less compatible with older browsers, and I have not figured out how I want to list mouse and joystick controls yet. On the other hand, they are more compatible with wiki software such as MediaWiki.

Change Log & Credits:

View the change log for the update history, links to further reading, and credits.

Printing Tips:

  1. When printing, most likely the chart will not fit within a single letter- or legal-sized page, even when selecting 'Landscape' mode instead of 'Portrait' mode in your printer settings. Luckily, newer Web browsers have a 'zoom' feature (CTRL + Mousewheel in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox) that you can use to shrink or grow the page before printing. Zooming to 50% seems to work pretty well in 'Landscape' mode.
  2. Your browser or printer may also have a 'shrink to fit' feature that you can take advantage of to automatically adjust the size of the page output.
  3. Remember also to enable printing of background colors and images. This setting is found in 'Page Setup' (Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) or within the print dialog itself (Google Chrome).
  4. If the colors or keyboard style are not to your liking, select a different "Style" from the above options, then generate the chart again.
  5. Printing at 96dpi (dots-per-inch) and 100% zoom will result in a page that can be directly overlaid on top of your keyboard. However, some browers (Google Chrome for instance) use your Windows' desktop DPI scaling settings to adjust the size of onscreen elements, so the keyboard charts may end up appearing larger than intended.

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