Lego Projects

Most of the projects on this page were created for or using LDraw, a freeware virtual Lego modeling program, and POV-Ray, a freeware ray-tracer. In addition to the images below, I also have a Flickr photostream with many of my renders.



LDraw to SimCity 3000 Unlimited Tutorial:
A tutorial describing how to import LDraw models into SimCity 3000 Unlimited.

Chromadepth 3D Glasses Tutorial:
A tutorial describing how to render LDraw models so that they can be viewed in 3D using Chromatek polarized glasses.

Stereoscopic 3D Glasses Tutorial:
A tutorial describing how to render LDraw models so that they can be viewed in 3D using a stereoscope.

Cleaning LDraw Models for Export:
A tutorial describing why it is hard to clean LDraw models for export to other formats and applications.


Lego Set List:
A list of Lego sets I own.
LDraw Models:
Lego models I’ve created using LDraw and POV-Ray.
Carriage House Virtual Flash Tour:
A panoramic virtual tour of my carriage house model. Created using the lightweight open source panorama viewer, Pannellum.
(Note: the link is to the left.)
Datsville Relicense Project:
A Google Code project intended to relicense Datsville under a modern, open license. A secondary goal is to update and standardize the model parts and related scripts to make it easier for people to create brand new scenes and animations — or even import the model into third-party applications.
Source & Binaries
Datsville RPG v0.8.1:
A turn-based role-playing video game made using RPG Maker and based on Datsville, the LUGNET community LEGO town project.
(Download size: 293.91MB; Last updated: 2018-05-30)
Early build showing off building interiors.
Combat testing.


Download VS Project
LDView v4.3 fork:
A fork of Travis Cobb's LDView v4.3. Adds a viewing mode called "FPS Mode" that alters lateral camera movement so that it is always level with the horizon, ignoring the angle of the camera above or below it (but not ignoring the angle around the vertical axis).
(Download size: 175MB; Last updated: 2017-10-07)
POV-Ray Road Macros v2.5.5:
Some POV-Ray macros for creating LDraw-style roads. Included are scripts to create circular (or elliptical), spiral and Bezier-shaped roads, as well as a special script for creating road intersections.
LDraw Grids & Axes v1.0.0:
An assortment of coordinate axes and grids in *.LDR format based on ones I obtained elsewhere. Use them to orient models within a scene's local coordinate system.
(Download size: 5KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
POV-Ray Materials Include v1.1.0:
A POV-Ray include file that collects all the LDraw material data in a local file so that you don't have to store several duplicate copies.
(Download size: 3KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
POV2LDR v0.5.0:
A command-line tool meant to "extract" MPD files from POV-Ray scenes generated using L3P by Lars C. Hassing. It works with scenes created by both version 1.3 and version 1.4 of L3P.
(Download size: 15KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
MLCad.grp v1.0.0:
My own personal modified version of "MLCad.grp" with many additional parts categories.
(Download size: 1KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
MLCAD CHM Help v1.0.1:
The MLCAD help file converted to Microsoft HTML Help format.
(Download size: 350KB (binary); 1MB (source); Last updated: 2011-01-22; Note: May be outdated with respect to the current MLCAD version.)

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