Lego Projects

Most of the projects on this page were created for or using LDraw, a freeware virtual Lego modeling program, and POV-Ray, a freeware ray-tracer. In addition to the images below, I also have a Flickr photostream with many of my renders.



LDraw to SimCity 3000 Unlimited Tutorial:
A tutorial describing how to import LDraw models into SimCity 3000 Unlimited.

Chromadepth 3D Glasses Tutorial:
A tutorial describing how to render LDraw models so that they can be viewed in 3D using Chromatek polarized glasses.

Stereoscopic 3D Glasses Tutorial:
A tutorial describing how to render LDraw models so that they can be viewed in 3D using a stereoscope.

Cleaning LDraw Models for Export:
A tutorial describing why it is hard to clean LDraw models for export to other formats and applications.


Lego Set List:
A list of Lego sets I own.
LDraw Models:
Lego models I’ve created using LDraw and POV-Ray.
Carriage House Virtual Flash Tour:
A panoramic virtual tour of my carriage house model. Created using the lightweight open source panorama viewer, Pannellum.
(Note: the link is to the left.)
Datsville Relicense Project:
A Google Code project intended to relicense Datsville under a modern, open license. A secondary goal is to update and standardize the model parts and related scripts to make it easier for people to create brand new scenes and animations — or even import the model into third-party applications.
Source &
Datsville Role-Playing Game 2017-03-05:
A role-playing video game made using RPG Maker VX Ace and based on Datsville, the LUGNET community Lego town project.
(Download size: 99MB; Last updated: 2017-03-05)
Early build showing off building interiors.
Combat testing.


POV-Ray Road Macros v2.5.5:
Some POV-Ray macros for creating LDraw-style roads. Included are scripts to create circular (or elliptical), spiral and Bezier-shaped roads, as well as a special script for creating road intersections.
LDraw Grids & Axes v1.0.0:
An assortment of coordinate axes and grids in *.LDR format based on ones I obtained elsewhere. Use them to orient models within a scene's local coordinate system.
(Download size: 5KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
POV-Ray Materials Include v1.1.0:
A POV-Ray include file that collects all the LDraw material data in a local file so that you don't have to store several duplicate copies.
(Download size: 3KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
POV2LDR v0.5.0:
A command-line tool meant to "extract" MPD files from POV-Ray scenes generated using L3P by Lars C. Hassing. It works with scenes created by both version 1.3 and version 1.4 of L3P.
(Download size: 15KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
MLCad.grp v1.0.0:
My own personal modified version of "MLCad.grp" with many additional parts categories.
(Download size: 1KB; Last updated: 2011-06-11)
MLCAD CHM Help v1.0.1:
The MLCAD help file converted to Microsoft HTML Help format.
(Download size: 350KB (binary); 1MB (source); Last updated: 2011-01-22; Note: May be outdated with respect to the current MLCAD version.)

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