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Miscellanea |


Miscellaneous projects I've worked on and haven't categorized elsewhere.



MD Recorder Comparison:
Comparison of several Sony portable MiniDisc recorders circa the early 2000s.
Add speech intros to your audio tracks:
A tutorial on how to add audible artist and title "tags" to audio files using speech synthesis tools.
Cube maps in Celestia:
A script and tutorial describing how to create cube maps from screenshots in Celestia that can later be used as backgrounds in third-party 3D applications such as Pannellum.

Web Development:

Several web coding projects done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Evolution of a Website:
A screenshot "diary" of how my website has evolved over time.
Document Object Model:
A navigable HTML chart listing a website's JavaScript DOM objects, properties and events. Can link to external pages. Based in part upon Angus Turnbull's Object Model Browser.
Color Converter:
A simple Web form that converts colors between HSL, RGB, CMYK and hexadecimal formats.
Forum Randomizer:
A Web form that applies random formatting to each inputted character and produces output suitable for copying and pasting into Internet discussion forums.
Pete Hides Peekaboo Script:
A script that causes a photo of Pete Hines to appear and disappear along the right and left edges of the browser window. Only works with certain doctypes.


A number of desktop widgets meant to be used as backgrounds on older operating systems.

(Best results for viewing the SVG images can be achieved by using a combination of Internet Explorer and the Adobe SVG plugin. Support for SVG at this time remains only preliminary in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.)

SVG Desktop v1.0.1:
An SVG image intended to be used as a Desktop widget in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. It cycles through a series of images over time, displaying one after another in sequence. Simply add images to the "backgrounds" and "images" folders, then update the arrays in "svg_desktop.js". Smaller images in the "images" folder will appear super-imposed on top of the background.
(Download size: 3KB)
SVG Calendar:
A calendar coded in SVG. Intended to be used as a desktop widget.
SVG Stop-Watch:
A stop-watch coded in SVG. Intended to be used as a desktop widget.


The Night Land eBook v1.0.0:
William Hope Hodgson's (1877 - 1918) novel The Night Land converted to Microsoft Reader format.
(Download size: 400KB)
Original version
CAPTCHA Image Generator:
A modified version of the CAPTCHA Image Generator by XtractPro magazine. Also the first Visual Studio application I've worked on.
(Download size: 60KB)
VencFrontend v1.0.0:
A Windows frontend program for the aoTuV audio encoder.
(Download size: 4KB)
MS-DOS 7 CHM Help v1.0.0:
An HTML Help-ized version of Bob Watson's MS-DOS 7 command reference.
(Download size: 130KB)

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