Homeworld Remastered Collection

I pre-ordered a copy of Homeworld Remastered Collection on Steam. When it is released in two days I will see about converting my maps and map functions to work with the new game at the very least. If I am enjoying myself, I may update my Homeworld Classic Enhanced and other mods as well. I’m a bit disappointed with GearBox that they didn’t retain more of HW1’s features, such as fuel burn, replays and physics/geometry-based targeting. I was disappointed when HW2 was released, and it looks like I will be again. At least the game didn’t cost much.

2 thoughts on “Homeworld Remastered Collection

  1. I loved the release of HWR…but my first impression was how apparent it was that they just modded the HW2 classic engine and built remastered on top of it. I cant say I’am even an amateur in LUA coding, but I like to tinker with the code. I managed to get Tefeari engine trails to work with the new game. Do you think there is a way to implement fuel burn and other old features into the new game?

    1. I don’t know. I mostly do gametype and level scripting. BitVenom said a lot of changes are coming soon. He didn’t say what changes though.

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