Updating Datsville

I’ve spent the last few months updating Datsville in various ways.

  • I have reverted the town layout back to how it was at around revision 501, including putting the corn fields and airport back in their original locations, and removing the surrounding hills.
  • I have reorganized and cleaned up a lot of the POV-Ray scripts, which should now be a lot easier to use now.
  • I helped translate Tore Eriksson’s LDBoxer program into Python, and optimized it slightly.
  • Lastly, I made the sidewalks narrower, and expanded the space devoted to the town’s houses and other buildings.

Right now I am working on porting Datsville RPG from RPG Maker VX Ace to RPG Maker MV. I have already updated many of the project’s graphics. Now I just need to implement the LeTBS combat plugins and get them working properly. Below are some screenshots. There are still several graphical bugs in the LeTBS plugin, as can be seen in the image on the right. Hopefully they will get addressed at some point so that I can continue working on this.

Datsville RPG screenshotDatsville RPG screenshotDatsville RPG screenshot

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