All pages are WordPress. Created a to-do list.

I spent a few hours converting all (or nearly all) of the sub-pages of this site to WordPress pages. This should make it easier to manage the site without using FTP, add social media features using plugins, and enhance search engine integration. I still have to figure out how to generate a list or menu of all WP pages, create a WP page hierarchy, and add syntax highlighting to the editor (since the pages contain some HTML). Please forgive any broken links and so forth.


I tweaked the header navigation menu to make it a fly-out menu with multiple levels instead of a single-level drop-down menu. I also renamed a few sub-pages. Yes, “Miscellaneous Debris” is a reference to a Primus EP. Finally, I made it so that users can log in using their Google IDs. I’m working on adding Facebook and Twitter ID support too. Their rules are a little more strict. I have to have a privacy policy for instance.


I keep a to-do list for all of my coding (and other) projects. The projects are listed in no particular order. The list is plain text because I find plain text to be easier to maintain. I’m not sure if I will keep this post updated, or how often I will update it. I may create a dedicated page for the list, instead.


I moved the list to its own dedicated page.

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