Datsville terrain

I spent today and yesterday remodeling the town in order to incorporate the terrain mesh I created earlier in World Machine. I had to make room for the new river, extend and strengthen the bridges, and move some of the buildings around. I also created a few new roads that will eventually connect the town to neighboring areas. At some point in the future I would like to add a divided highway outside of town.

Terrain screenshot 1
Datsville when viewed inside LDCad

I wrote an article on the Datsville wiki briefly describing the issues I am facing trying to continue to work on Datsville. The model is huge. The software and hardware I am using are having trouble coping.

Lastly, I re-added the old “Datsville College” and “Chapel at Eastwicke” models by Anders Isaksson and Joseph Gonzalez. They’re not MOCs, but I am desperate for models to fill these roles. And they’re nice models. I’ll leave them in until we decide what to do with models that are not compatible with the town’s current, free license. (Or until I find/create replacements.)

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