Fractal keyboard clutter

I added two new fractal images to my Artwork & Design page. The first is an updated version of the older kaleidoscopic flame image, except with three axes of symmetry instead of two. The second is an updated version of one of the Yin and Yang fractals, except with added levels of recursion. The idea for the scaling (versus rotation) animation on the latter image was gotten from this YouTube video. Click on the images below to view the animations.

Yin & Yang Fractal 3

For the VGKD project, I renamed the project from “Video Game Keyboard Diagrams” to “Video Game Keyboard Database”, fixed a bug causing the submission form export to be garbled, added the German Apple keyboard, made it so you can fade or hide the key labels, and added a new set of bindings for League of Legends which was submitted to me by Alex Shafer. I also fixed a bug in the cube snake script that was preventing cube segments from being positioned with the correct z-index.

Lastly, I have been working on getting the procedural POV-Ray script “clutter.mcr” by Jonathan Rafael Ghiglia functioning in order to place trees and shrubbery around Datsville. The script takes several grayscale images or pigments as input. One is for the terrain height, called a “heightmap” or “heightfield”. Another is called a “probability map”, and determines the probability that an item will be placed at a particular location. I have configured the script such that the probabilities are determined by the altitude and slope of the terrain. I would also like to alter the probabilities based on a location’s proximity to moisture, soil type, etc. but that lies beyond my current abilities.

Here are the results so far. The spheres are supposed to represent deciduous trees, and the cones are supposed to represent conifers. Both will eventually be replaced with (much smaller and much more numerous) LEGO equivalents. I plan on adding other types of plants and trees as well.

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