Website updates

I have made a number of small updates to the website over the past few days. Hopefully it looks a little better and loads quicker. I’m also using a private GitHub repository now to organize and manage the site.


I have made considerable changes to the site’s appearance since this post was made in January. See my Evolution of a Website page for a series of screenshots going back many years.


My apologies for any broken links and so forth.

Exporting keyboard diagrams

Per a user request on GitHub, in VGKD you can now export any of the keyboard diagrams that you are currently working on prior to/instead of submitting them to the project. The diagrams have been flattened to a single file instead of multiple files in order to make downloading and organizing them easier.


If you know where to look, you can now also save/load a JSON file containing all your keys.

Keyboard diagrams and file host

Over the last month or so I have been updating the keyboard binding diagrams. You now select the type of keyboard before selecting the style or game. I also combed through the CSS stylesheets, looking for and fixing errors. I also tweaked the dimensions of each keyboard to better match the most common physical keyboard layouts. See the log for more information.

Also, today I uploaded all my files to pCloud and edited all the links on this site to point to there instead of to MediaFire. I’m not going to delete the files from MediaFire, but eventually the files will get removed automatically by the company and the links will go dead.

Moving materials off-site

I have spent the last few weeks moving most of my geometry activities from this site to the online collection at the GeoGebra website. I plan to do the same for my LDraw models, either at Brickshelf, MOCpages or Rebrickable. I’ve also written a new tutorial for the POV-Ray wiki, and created a new solar system scene for the POV-Ray Object Collection and Wikipedia.

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