Fractal keyboard clutter

I added two new fractal images to my Artwork & Design page. The first is an updated version of the older kaleidoscopic flame image, except with three axes of symmetry instead of two. The second is an updated version of one of the Yin and Yang fractals, except with added levels of recursion. The idea for the scaling (versus rotation) animation on the latter image was gotten from this YouTube video. Click on the images below to view the animations.

Yin & Yang Fractal 3

For the VGKD project, I renamed the project from “Video Game Keyboard Diagrams” to “Video Game Keyboard Database”, fixed a bug causing the submission form export to be garbled, added the German Apple keyboard, made it so you can fade or hide the key labels, and added a new set of bindings for League of Legends which was submitted to me by Alex Shafer. I also fixed a bug in the cube snake script that was preventing cube segments from being positioned with the correct z-index.

Lastly, I have been working on getting the procedural POV-Ray script “clutter.mcr” by Jonathan Rafael Ghiglia functioning in order to place trees and shrubbery around Datsville. The script takes several grayscale images or pigments as input. One is for the terrain height, called a “heightmap” or “heightfield”. Another is called a “probability map”, and determines the probability that an item will be placed at a particular location. I have configured the script such that the probabilities are determined by the altitude and slope of the terrain. I would also like to alter the probabilities based on a location’s proximity to moisture, soil type, etc. but that lies beyond my current abilities.

Here are the results so far. The spheres are supposed to represent deciduous trees, and the cones are supposed to represent conifers. Both will eventually be replaced with (much smaller and much more numerous) LEGO equivalents. I plan on adding other types of plants and trees as well.

Exporting keyboard diagrams

Per a user request on GitHub, in VGKD you can now export any of the keyboard diagrams that you are currently working on prior to/instead of submitting them to the project. The diagrams have been flattened to a single file instead of multiple files in order to make downloading and organizing them easier.


If you know where to look, you can now also save/load a JSON file containing all your keys.

Keyboard diagrams and file host

Over the last month or so I have been updating the keyboard binding diagrams. You now select the type of keyboard before selecting the style or game. I also combed through the CSS stylesheets, looking for and fixing errors. I also tweaked the dimensions of each keyboard to better match the most common physical keyboard layouts. See the log for more information.

Also, today I uploaded all my files to pCloud and edited all the links on this site to point to there instead of to MediaFire. I’m not going to delete the files from MediaFire, but eventually the files will get removed automatically by the company and the links will go dead.

Updated keyboard diagrams project

I’ve updated my Video Game Keyboard Diagrams project over the last few weeks. Here are the most recent items from the change log:

  • 2018/05/29: Renamed the project from “Video Game Hotkey Maps” back to “Video Game Keyboard Diagrams”.
  • 2018/05/29: Updated the printing tips with new info on problems and workarounds.
  • 2018/05/25: Tweaks to style sheets and meta tags in order to (somewhat) better support mobile browsers.
  • 2018/05/25: Fixed a bug that was causing some browsers to not be able to switch between the HTML and SVG versions of the diagrams.
  • 2018/05/25: Old URLs are now being properly converted to the new URL syntax.
  • 2018/05/23: Added bindings for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Overwatch, Far Cry 5 and Everspace. I’ve only played the last one, but hopefully people will appreciate the others.
  • 2018/05/18: Made changes to the accordion menu in the front page. Made changes to the alphabetical list (now renamed to “master list”).
  • 2018/05/14: Added a button to the bottom of each chart to quickly switch between SVG and HTML rendering.
  • 2018/05/14: Added bindings for Battletech and Stellar Tactics.
  • 2018/05/14: Fixed a bug preventing charts from being loaded if the gam, sty, lay and svg parameters were missing from the URL.

Goals heading into the future include creating PDF versions of the diagrams, and possibly starting a github repository for the project.

In other news, I re-enabled comments on this blog.

Keyboard hotkey maps

Over the past several weeks I have been overhauling my Video Game Hotkey Maps tool. I made several changes to the underlying database structure, as well as to the styles and error detection. I also went ahead and created new PHP scripts that generate SVG versions of the maps. This makes it possible to upload maps to MediaWiki wikis, which is a major goal I set out to accomplish when I first created the PHP edition of the tool. I had created a MediaWiki template to accomplish the same thing, but the SVG images are a lot more convenient. I hope a lot of people get good use out of these scripts.

Keyboard shortcut chart progress

I’ve made a lot of progress with my keyboard shortcut chart database. I upgraded the scripts to work with more recent versions of PHP, and fixed severalĀ bugs that I had overlooked. I also added a few dozen new charts for games that I am interested in, and replaced the Submissions page with a link to the Excel sheet I personally use to assemble all the data. I hope you like it! Enjoy!

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