Homeworld Branching Tree Maker

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This form will generate a new window listing the code for a branching tree of resources. By adjusting the parameter fields below, you can control the number and frequency of branching, as well as each branch’s length, radius, and angle.

You will have to know a bit about making maps in order to use this form effectively. This form will only generate lines of map-resource code, which you can copy and paste into (or save as, in text format) a “ResourceSphere_#.missphere” file that needs to be placed into the appropriate map directory within your “Homeworld\Multiplayer\” directory. I recommend visiting the Map-Makers Archive and reading their mapping tutorial. The link is below.


Branching Number: The strand divides into this many branches per instance of branching.
Branching Frequency: This many instances of branching will occur.
Intervals Number: Instances of branching will occur every this many intervals.
Intervals Beginning: This many non-branching intervals will be added to the beginning of the tree.
Intervals Ending: This many non-branching intervals will be added to the end of the tree. Must be greater than zero for the last instance of branching to be noticable.

Interval Radius: The minimum and maximum radius of each interval.

Interval Length: The minimum and maximum length of each interval.

Interval Angle: The minimum and maximum angle between each interval.
Mode of Generation: Determines whether the radius, length, and angle parameters are randomized at each interval. If not, then their maximum values are used.
Initial XYZ Position: The entire tree will be translated to these coordinates.
Initial Y & Z Axes Rotation: The entire tree will be rotated around the Y and Z axes by these amounts (degrees).
Resource Type: The type of resource.
Resource Layout: The shape of the resource field.
Resource Method: The method of populating the tree with resources (see below).
Resource Amount: If Resource Method is set to Fixed, then enter a fixed number of resources per interval. Else, enter the number of resources per unit of volume.
Resource File: The distribution file name.
Special Properties: Add any special properties. Refer to the Map-Makers Archive for help.

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