Homeworld Elliptical Ring Maker

Last Updated on 2021-05-09 by Michael Horvath



This form will generate a new window listing the code for an elliptical ring of resources. By adjusting the parameters below, you can control the ring’s breadth, width, height, tilt, rotation, and resource density.

You will have to know a bit about making maps in order to use this form effectively. This form will only generate lines of map-resource code, which you can copy and paste into (or save as, in text format) a “ResourceSphere_#.missphere” file that needs to be placed into the appropriate map directory within your “Homeworld\Multiplayer\” directory. I recommend visiting the Map-Makers Archive and reading their mapping tutorial. The link is below.


Ring Semi-Major Axis: The length of the ring’s semi-major axis. If equal to its semi-minor axis, the ring will be circular.
Ring Semi-Minor Axis: The length of the ring’s semi-minor axis. If equal to its semi-major axis, the ring will be circular.
Ring Width / Radius: If Resource Layout is set to Rectangle, then this equals the distance from the segment’s outer edge to its inner edge (actual width will vary if Ring Mode is set to Confocal). Else, this equals the radius of each ring segment.
Ring Height: How high a segment extends above or below the ring’s elliptic. This only applies to the Rectangle layout.
Ring Mode: If Confocal, the ring’s width will decrease as the ring’s curvature increases. Else, the width will remain constant throughout the curve.
Ring Steps: The number of segments the ring will be made of.
Initial XYZ Position: The entire tree will be translated to these coordinates.
Initial Y & Z Axes Rotation: The entire tree will be rotated around the Y and Z axes by these amounts (degrees). This only applies to the Sphere and Cylinder layouts.
Resource Type: The type of resource.
Resource Layout: The shape of the resource field.
Resource Method: The method of populating the ring with resources (see below).
Resource Amount: If Resource Method is set to Fixed, then enter a fixed number of resources per ring segment. Else, enter the number of resources per unit of volume.
Resource File: The distribution file name.
Special Properties: Add any special properties. Refer to the Map-Makers Archive for help.

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