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Last Updated on 2021-06-03 by Michael Horvath

Link 2021/06/03: The random maps in my HWRM map collection now each have several non-random variants.
Link 2021/01/29: Uploaded my HW2C map collection to Steam Workshop.
Link 2019/07/16: I moved several other projects to GitHub.
Link 2018/06/03: I moved my HW1C/HWCata to HWRM Map Converter tool to GitHub.
Discussion 2017/07/22: I ported my Test Mission Grid mod from HW2C to HWRM, and added several new features. I also moved a lot of my old HW1C and HW2C mods and tools to an Old Stuff page since this page was getting too crowded.
Discussion 2016/08/02: I ported my Play Balancing Mod to Homeworld Remastered, and am currently in the process of generating a new Ship vs. Ship Odds spreadsheet for HWRM.
Link 2016/06/22: Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on my Homeworld Classic Enhanced mod, and have succeeded in porting it to the Homeworld Remastered engine. I’ve also uploaded the newest versions of all my mods to ModDB, since I’ve kind of been lagging behind in uploading them to that site.
Link 2016/05/31: I’ve been looking over my Test Mission Grid mod to see whether it is a good candidate for porting over to the Homeworld Remastered engine. If I get some feedback from the developers, I may go ahead and do so. In the mean time I have made a few tweaks and uploaded the HW2C version of the mod to Steam Workshop.
Link 2015/02/28: Homeworld Remastered has been released. Over the last few days I updated my multiplayer maps to work with the new game and created a Steam Workshop page for them. Once the official mod tools have been released I will see about getting my Gameplay Enhanced mod configured and working with it.
I created several new maps for my map collection, as well as the map functions needed to produce them.
I created a version of my Gameplay Enhanced mod that is re-configured to work with Homeworld Universe version 1.0.0.
After another period of downtime, this page is back up. New this time are my Homeworld Classic Enhanced mod – a combined version of Homeworld Classic and Gameplay Enhanced – and my experimental multiple choice dialogue menus.
After a period of downtime, this page is back up. Unfortunately I lost one or two mods in the process. There are some dead links.
Updated MissionGrid. It is now entirely functional. You can move between neighboring sectors and complete missions based on their location instead of the regular linear and sequential way.
Added what work I’ve completed for the new Mission Grid mod. Also added screenshots for all my mods. Updated Tournament Manager and re-added the Tag-Team mod.
Updated Block Maze to include the latest maps. Fixed the broken download link to Gameplay Enhanced.
2010/12/28: Added the brand new Coordinate Axes, Block Maze, and Christmas mods.
Discussion 2010/12/20: Updated The Campaign Menu Item mod. I didn’t realize people couldn’t see the menus until after they had played a few missions of each campaign!
Discussion 2010/12/18: Updated Homeworld Classic Rebalance as well as the mod’s additional maps. There are now almost 500 converted HW1 and HWC maps, as well as support for Homeworld: Cataclysm‘s harvestable crystals.
Discussion 2010/12/07: Updated the map functions and map collection. The maps all now use the current syntax. The maps and functions are also distributed together now instead of separately.
Link 2009/10/13: Added direct links to each project’s readme file. I’ve updated them to the new version numbering scheme, thus they may not exactly match the ones in the actual archives.
Discussion 2009/08/23: Updated MissionDude to version 1.6.2. See the readme for changes.
Link 2009/08/21: My site has moved and is now located under its own domain.
Link 2009/06/25: I went through my backups and uploaded all the old versions of my files I could find to MediaFire.
Discussion 2009/06/24: Updated MissionDude to fix several bugs reported to me, as well as some others I noticed myself.
2009/03/30: FileFront shut down, so I moved everything to MediaFire. I’ve also moved over to a better version numbering scheme and different software license. The archives have been renamed, but the programs and documentation may not reflect this yet.
Link 2008/12/03: Moved the rest of my files to FileFront.
Link 2008/08/01: Updated the download link for the HW Classic Maps collection.
2008/04/07: Updated HW2 Manager, HW2 Mission Dude and the HW2 Map Functions.
Discussion 2008/03/20: Updated the Gameplay Enhanced mod to version 1.1.0.
Link 2007/12/17: Here is the direct link to my FileFront page.
Discussion 2007/01/07: You are now free to use/modify the source-code of my mods/maps/tools however you wish. I would appreciate that credit be given for the work that I have done.
Discussion 2007/03/11: I’m trying to host an HW2 tournament. I’d like to start it as soon as six players sign up who are willing to participate.
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