Lego Models

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On this page you will find some Lego models I created using LDraw and rendered using POV-Ray. Clicking on each model’s image will take you to higher resolution versions that you can examine in more detail. You can also download all the MPD models, POV-Ray scenes, etc. from GitHub. Note that you’ll need an LDraw model viewer as well as the LDraw core parts library in order to view these models on your computer. Both can be obtained from the website linked to earlier. Visit Flickr, here and here, for more renders.

Androbot is a very ambidexterous flying robot. Its body hinges and moves at the joints. Unfortunately, it is not very rugged, and falls apart easily.

Light Mech:
This is a manned version of the android robot, and is useful mainly for sentry and/or loading and unloading purposes. It is largely useless on the battlefield when compared to its larger sibling, mainly due to its relatively lighter armor and lack of shielding. It is also not equipped for flight.

Salt Flats Speeder:
Salt Flats Speeder is a record-breaking racer that cruises the salt lakes of Utah. This small, compact racing craft is great fun for anyone who loves the thrill of the Earth moving under him/her at high speeds. Twin propellors are powered by engines taken from an World War II-era P52 Mustang. The body’s sleek, aerodynamic design and carbon-fiber construction allow for high speeds and little drag (…or letting go of the throttle!)

Dune Rover:
Dune Rover is a very rugged automobile. It can traverse all sorts of different terrain — and will do so with excellent, precise handling.

Red RockRacer:
Red Rock Racer can make its way on the road, off the road, or through any barrier you might place in its path. Whether man-made or natural, no obstacle is too much for this vehicular beast!

Small Shuttle:
This shuttle is a basic take-off and re-entry vehicle meant to ferry passengers between ground and orbital stations. With the aid of twin booster rockets and a fuel tank (attached to the underbelly of the fuselage, as per NASA’s space shuttle) the vehicle can ascend into space and later re-enter the atmosphere under its own power. After re-entry, the vehicle can land at any international airport. This shuttle has a capacity for two crewmembers, three passengers and limited cargo.

Yellow Castle:
A small yellow château — or small, luxurious summer home — tucked away in a well-kept and picturesque area surrounded by woodland.

High Tech Lab:
This high-security plutonium lab and refining facility doesn’t exist. That is, it doesn’t exist officially! It’s been underwritten by questionable sources, and is being used for questionable purposes. It can’t be traced through any records or documents, and anyone who knows of its existence or precise location quickly disappears.

Carriage House:
An old carriage house that has been converted into a doctor’s office and fire station. Vehicles are able to pull in and park into spaces at ground level. There is also a lounge area and dormitory on the second floor for the use of the two separate offices.

Shiny, happy people laughing…
Meet me in the crowd…
People, people…
Throw your love around…
Love me, love me…
Take it into town…
Happy, happy…
Put it in the ground…

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