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Miscellaneous other projects I’ve worked on and haven’t categorized elsewhere.



Link Add speech intros to your audio tracks: A tutorial on how to add audible artist and title “tags” (and automating the process) to audio files using speech synthesis tools on Windows.
Cube maps in Celestia: A tutorial and script for creating cube maps from screenshot images in Celestia that can later be used as backgrounds in third-party photo panorama applications such as Pannellum. I have linked to an example on the left as well.


Link MD Recorder Comparison: Comparison table of several Sony portable MiniDisc recorders circa the early 2000s. I never ended up owning any of these. The previous models featured ber/faster electric motors and other features important to DJs at the time.
Download Xconq CHM Manual: The Xconq game manual converted to Microsoft HTML Help format.
(Download size: 580KB)
NetHack CHM Manual: NetHack manual and version 3.4.3 spoilers converted to Microsoft HTML Help format.
(Based on the game manual for Falcon’s Eye. Download size: 1MB)
Download Vega Strike HTML Manual: An HTML version of the Vega Strike manual. Current as of Vega Strike version 0.4.3.
(Download size: 705KB)
Link ToEE Hommlet Map: A map of Hommlet with individually marked locations. Sorry about the hard-to-read blue font.
(Based on a map created earlier by another person.)
Download ToEE CHM Manual: The game manual for The Temple of Elemental Evil converted to Microsoft HTML Help format. An HTML-only version is also included.
(Download size: 600KB)
Download Uncharted Waters Market Data: Starting market data spreadsheet for Uncharted Waters for the SNES.
(Download size: 325KB)
Download X-Tension Sector Map: An very primitive and bare-bones interactive guide to the X-Tension universe, based on data compiled by Danfin and TicToc. More of an exercise in DHTML than a useful resource for players.
(Download size: 10KB)
Download X-Tension Pocket Guide: A guide to the X-Tension universe, formatted to fit mobile device screens. Based on data compiled by Danfin and TicToc.
(Download size: 135KB)
MS-DOS 7 CHM Manual: Bob Watson’s excellent (and now defunct) MS-DOS 7 command reference converted to Microsoft HTML Help format. I’m not sure on what date I created this.
(Download size: 130KB)
EnB JavaScript Map: An interactive JavaScript map of the Earth & Beyond community servers utilizing PHP and MySQL. The map is not current as it was built against a database dump from 2009.
(Note: I took the project down due to complaints over cheating. Download size: 2MB)

Gaming Projects

Vega Strike HUD Mockups: Interactive user interface mockups for VegaStrike coded in HTML and JavaScript.
ToEE d20 Inspector: This is a tool to check/verify NPC character stats in ToEE versus d20 RAW (“Rules as Written”). I came across a snag in said Rules preventing me from continuing development of the tool, and likely will never complete it.

Web Development

Several Web coding projects done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Link Document Object Model Viewer: A navigable HTML chart listing a website’s JavaScript DOM objects, properties and events. Can link to external pages. Based in part upon Angus Turnbull’s Object Model Browser.
Link Color Converter: A simple Web form that converts colors between HSL, RGB, CMYK and hexadecimal formats.
Link BB Code Randomizer: A Web form that applies random formatting to each inputted character and produces output suitable for copying and pasting into Internet discussion forums.
Link Pete Hides Peekaboo Script: A script that causes a photo of Pete Hines to appear and disappear along the right and left edges of the browser window. Only works with certain doctypes.
MobyGames: Some rejected design mockups for the reworking of MobyGames based on templates available at oswd.org. The design they ended up going with is much better.
Link Evolution of a Website: A screenshot “diary” of how my website has evolved over time.

SVG Widgets

A number of desktop widgets meant to be used with older operating systems.

Note: best results for viewing the SVG images can be achieved using a combination of Internet Explorer and the Adobe SVG plugin. Support for SVG is only preliminary in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox at this time.

Download SVG Desktop: An SVG document intended to be used as a desktop widget in earlier versions of Microsoft Windows. It cycles through a series of images over time, displaying one after another in sequence. Simply add images to the “backgrounds” and “images” folders, then update the arrays in “svg_desktop.js”. Smaller images in the “images” folder will appear super-imposed on top of the background.
(Download size: 3KB)
Link SVG Calendar: A calendar coded in SVG. Intended to be used as a desktop widget.
Link SVG Stop-Watch: A stop-watch coded in SVG. Intended to be used as a desktop widget.


Download The Night Land eBook: William Hope Hodgson’s (1877 – 1918) novel The Night Land converted to Microsoft Reader format.
(Download size: 400KB)
Original version
CAPTCHA Image Generator: A modified version of the CAPTCHA Image Generator by XtractPro magazine. Also the first Visual Studio application I ever worked on.
(Download size: 60KB)
VencFrontend: A Windows frontend program for the aoTuV audio encoder.
(Download size: 4KB)

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