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Last Updated on 2021-06-03 by Michael Horvath

I keep a to-do list for all of my coding (and other) projects. The projects are listed in no particular order. When I am waiting for my thoughts to crystallize on one project, I move on to another. There are so many, now, they have become a real handful! This list is plain text because I find plain text easier to maintain and manage. I’m not sure how often I will update the list.
	- to do
	+ done
	~ only partially done, or doing it is problematic somehow
	x won't do, can't do, or changed my mind for whatever reason
		interactive map
			+ check camera/mouse/touch controls on phone and tablet
			+ description text is too small on phone
			+ phone pinch zoom controls conflict with scripted/coded zoom controls
			- maybe click on the compass direction letters to move the camera too?
			- interactive minimap?
			- I exported enough model data to JSON, the map is now ready to have object names and coordinates displayed (with toggles)
			- add RPG character gallery to wiki
			+ faces image link not working [what page?]
			+ curved [rail?] track needs to be designed in GeoGebra
			~ update licenses to GPLv3 and CC BY-NC-SA
			- rename models to "Habitation Pod", "Newspaper Headquarters", "Mediterranean Restaurant"
	SNOT roads
		- redesign all the curved roads using GeoGebra and LDDMC (time consuming)
		- make sure LDDMC is picking the correct parts as much as possible versus me picking the parts
	povray road macros
		- rewrite in native ldraw format making use of texmaps
	tree scatterer
		+ create a script to scatter trees and shrubs around a wide area
		+ should factor in slope of terrain
		+ multiple types of trees and shrubs with varying probability
		+ collision/overlap detection
		- create a heightmap to LDraw mesh converter
		- should accept 8 and 16 bit grayscale PNG images as input
		- optional smoothing of edges?
		- use libpng?
		- doesn't process the model tree in MPD and XMPD files properly
		- should compare each part to each other part on the same branch, then all "flattened" parts
		- investigate why framerate and camera movement speed are tied together, and try to fix it when it misbehaves
		- set movement speed to a constant rate that is configurable (i.e., slow, medium and fast)
		- replace brigl with newer library
		+ rename "Datsville Relicense Project" section to just "Datsville"
		+ restore old text descriptions to models page
		- move BRIGL pages into the blog
		+ on models page, replace table with DIVs or something else that is more responsive
	old geocities website
		+ modernize HTML
		- offer for download from website?
		- host it on the web server itself and make it browseable? i.e. "time capsule"
		- play MIDI tones/chords in chord and scale calculator?
		- can I only play pre-recorded MIDI tracks, or can I access the synthesizer/sound card directly?
		- is it possible to play multiple tones simultaneously using JavaScript, or do I have to create a separate track for each interval, chord and scale?
		+ JavaScript evaluation demo needs buttons and inputs to alter the size of the drawing pane, or a frame that can be expanded by dragging the mouse
		+ update trig worksheet based on this:
	old strategy video game layer mini project
		+ modernize HTML
		- offer for download from website?
		~ don't build SQL queries from user data
		+ try to get stored procedures working again
		- look for native or third-party methods of sanitizing form data in JavaScript
		+ import/export JSON
		- use pure JavaScript for submission page instead of both PHP and JavaScript at the same time
		- create a tool for building layouts
		~ change the license back to LGPL instead of GPL
		- diagram on submission form should be SVG not HTML
		- a user requested the German Apple keyboard
		+ replace instances of the string "GearHead" with the string "GearHead RPG"
		x instead "Old News" page, move all of the HW1 & HW2 news to "Old Stuff" and all the HWRM news to the main page, regardless of the age the news
		+ rebrand the pages i.e. "HWRM" and "HW2/HW1" instead of i.e. "Current Stuff" and "Old Stuff"
		- need a post/page editor with syntax highlighting since some pages have HTML in them
		- I would preferably like a post/page editor that allows me to type the tab character, though that might not be possible
		- allows me to type the tab character in a browser window, can WP be made to do it?
		- need a link that points to either the login page or a URL that will log a user out, depending on whether he/she is logged in or not
		- wp_loginout() can do this but only exists for blog pages not non-blog pages
		+ need accurate last-modified date for pages
		x convert hyperlink and cube icons to base64 encoding
		+ post titles on front page are too small
		~ to rid of the "blog" part of the URL, can I move the blog to the root directory? good or bad idea?
		x maybe make "Art & Design" the homepage and move the blog to "Blog" again
		- email and sitemap pages contain PHP, can they be moved to the blog anyway?
		- move all CSS and JS files to blog directory instead of root/site directory
		- delete default users such as "admin" from database
		- change login URL,
		+ find some way to use sub-pixels or fractional pixel coordinates/percentages to get smoother looking results
		x or rotate the camera so that the pixel ratio is based on integers
		+ some kind of z-index bug (maybe?) causing the wrong cube pieces to sometimes be rendered on top
		+ change angle of light source
		- maybe add shadows to cube sprites
	nav menu bar
		+ floating menu bar should move with the page when viewing using the phone just like the WP admin bar
		+ on a phone the drop-down menus extend beyond the edge of the screen
		+ nav menu is not mobile friendly, maybe incorporate a hamburger menu/icon even though I hate them
		- nav menu could be modified to expand vertically instead of horizonatally and become slightly darker or lighter shade at each level using CSS
		+ nav menu bar needs accessibility features
		- ESC key should close the menu
	admin bar
		+ admin bar should always be visible
		x or make the WP admin header bar "stick" in place on phones like the menu bar
		+ admin bar has a gap above it on mobile phones, it is rendered to the footer area for whatever reason
		~ disable printing of verbose PHP error messages
		+ NORML icon and link
		+ move Pete Hines peekaboo and other scripts to codepen
		+ restore MobyGames mockups
		+ move all sub-pages to blog
		+ move loose pages to a new "pages" sub-directory
		+ update htaccess to point from the old to the new locations
		+ email form is too narrow on phone
		+ place a horizontal rule before the shared count icons at the end of each page
		+ switch the whole blog/site over to using the same theme/style as the keyboard project pages
		- rename all images, CSS and JS files adding dashes between words and replacing underscores with dashes
		+ fix stubborn issue where top padding is different on blog pages/posts than on standalone pages
		+ tweak thumbnail hover style until it is the same across the whole site and also looks good
		+ sitemap is broken
		+ add sitemap link to bottom of WP posts and pages
		- on the blog the images have the size class names; on the rest of the site the DIVs containing the images have them
		- rename image thumbnails based on their size, since there are several size schemes being used currently
	cube fonts
		+ needs a spotlight render
		- upload latest version to Object Collection
	munsell color solid
		+ latest webp animation
		+ link to Wikipedia archive instead
		- create a version of the Munsell diagram with a mesh wrapped around it, so that it looks like the one on their home page
		- upload latest version to Object Collection
	random solar system generator
		+ update screenshots
		- upload latest version to Object Collection
		- spiral warp cloud pigments
		- landscape erosion (way too hard for me to do currently)
	colony ship
		+ create new timelapse construction animation/video
		+ large and small images or same-sized images?
		- nautilus spiral ramps/tubes leading from ground to central axis
		- bell curve (sinusoidal?) nose cone instead of parabolic
		- circumferential trains should travel in one direction only and should be centered on the track
		+ use fake Korean/English font instead of fake Chinese/English font in the model size comparison charts
		- or use some other sans-serif sci-fi font
		surface of latitude
			- model the Maclaurin spheroid in povray for the surface of latitude series of images
			+ ask for math help on geogebra and povray forums
		camera location series of images
			- tweak camera centerpoint
			- or center the cube on the scene origin
			- or something else
			+ update globe cutout images so that the vertical movement is more smooth, and the orange rotating torus is more visible and faster
		- per the newsgroup, add version check back into ""
		+ per the newsgroup, use something simpler for the "" wiki example
		- sine wave and bell curve
		+ more neutral text on History of WRPGs article
		+ update color mind
		+ remove OR from color spaces graphics
		- there are significant errors and low precision in the sri yantra graphic, need to investigate fix
		+ update sri yantra diagram on webpage to recover original colors, then turn off animation
		- back up arguments page locally, then possibly remove
		- explore the use of Listeria or the dynamic lists tool for creating list articles
		mikali maps
			- add "scaling" option to frontend to adjust the size and scale of the maps
			- good idea but not possible AFAIK
			- add a long list of seeds for the random number functions that players can choose from
			- good idea but not possible AFIAK
			- maybe force players to select random positions
		test mission grid
			- buggy, need to fix
			- rewrite MissionDude for HWRM using three.js
			- update and rewrite ModManager for HWRM even though it's not really needed any more
			- come up with ways to combine game setup options so I can get beyond the hardcoded limit of 32 settings
			- good idea but not possible AFIAK
	enb javascript map
		~ host it on GitHub or keep it offline?
	vega strike
		- take screenshots of HUD designs, but with one image per mode thus creating an animation
		- darkened region behind cross and bomb in "Monster" should show several B-52 silhouettes in formation
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