LDraw Models

On this page you will find some Lego models I created using LDraw and rendered using POV-Ray. Clicking on each model's image will take you to higher resolution versions that you can examine in more detail. You can also download all the MPD models, POV-Ray scenes, etc. from GitHub. Note that you'll need an LDraw model viewer as well as the LDraw core parts library in order to view these models on your computer. Both can be obtained from the LDraw.org website linked to earlier. Visit Flickr, here and here, for more renders.


Light Mech:

Salt Flats Speeder:

Dune Rover:

Red Devil Racer:

Small Shuttle:

Yellow Castle:

High Tech Lab:

Carriage House:



The following models were created by me for the multi-author collaborative project, Datsville, started in 1999. Anyone is welcome to contribute additional creations! Just visit the project's Facebook page and drop us a line.

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