Lego Set List

Here's a list of all the Lego sets I own as far as I can remember. I've sorted them by set number, and linked them to the LUGNET set database. There's a few sets I wasn't able to locate in the database, a few I'm not completely sure about, and a few (the road plates for instance) where I haven't counted exactly how many sets I have.

Set #Model Name# PartsYear
789Storage Cloth n/a1987
814Building Plates 31986
1477Red Race Car Number 3 341991
1478Mobile Satellite Up-Link 301991
14792-Pilot Craft 321991
1480King's Catapult 321991
1481Pirates Desert Island 201991
4920The Rapid Rider 381999
6039Twin-Arm Launcher 731988
6042Dungeon Hunters 1051990
6054Forestmen's Hideout 1981988
6066Camouflaged Outpost 2111988
6073Knight's Castle 4081984
6073Knight's Castle 4081984
6235Buried Treasure 201989
6245Harbor Sentry 241989
6324Chopper Cop 231998
6392Airport 4721985
6450Mobile Police Truck 771985
6480Hook and Ladder Truck 1061985
6502Turbo Racer ~201987
6580Land Jet 7 1051998
6603Shovel Truck 271985
6622Mailman on Motorcycle ~201984
6687Turbo Prop I 671987
6694Car with Camper ~751984
6697Rescue-I Helicopter 851985
6699Cycle Fix-It Shop 661987
6882Walking Astro Grappler 861984
7119Twin-Pod Cloud Car 1172002
7200Final Duel I 292002
8832Roadster 851988
8694Krika 402008
B500The Ultimate LEGO Book n/a1999

The model numbers and dates of these sets might not exactly match the ones I own, but are otherwise basically the same.

Set #Model Name# PartsYear
300Tee Road Plates 21978
300Tee Road Plates 21978
301Curved Road Plates 21978
301Curved Road Plates 21978
302Straight Road Plates 21978
302Straight Road Plates 21978
626Building Plate, Green 11996
626Building Plate, Green 11996
626Building Plate, Green 11996
626Building Plate, Green 11996
628X-Large Baseplate Grey 11996
818Pull-Back Motor, Red 111990
890Wind-Up Motor 111981
6306Road Signs 121980
6310Road Plates, Junction 21986
6311Road Plates, Curved 21986
6312Road Plates, Straight 21986
6313Road Plates, Cross 21986
6317Trees and Flowers 241988
6317Trees and Flowers 241988

These sets look familiar, but I'm not a hundred percent sure they're ones I own.

Set #Model Name# PartsYear
306Landing Plates 21979
677Knight's Procession 401981
800Red Bricks 62 x n1986
801Blue Bricks 62 x n1986
801Gray Bricks 62 x n1986
1632Speedboat 271990
6035Castle Guard 491988
6103Castle Mini Figures 321988
6523Red Cross 441987
6604Formula 1 Racer 251985
6605Road Racer 151984
6628Construction Workers ~251984
6692Tractor Trailer 851983
6890Cosmic Cruiser 1111982
6970Beta I Command Base 2541980

In addition, I've acquired some tubs of the basic colored building blocks at different times.

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